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Frequently Asked Questions
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How much do our services costs?

Pricing varies on the site location, size, accessibility, surrounding area, number and size of ponds and lakes. We offer a free no obligation demonstration with our dogs to evaluate your site. We will then email and/or mail to you a proposal within a few days.

How long will it take to control the goose problem at my site?

It's difficult to assess the length of time. This depends highly on the site. We recommend a minimum 6-8 weeks to get a handle of the problem and change the geese feeding habits and make them migrate to another location where they are not harassed. At that time we will have a better idea of the size of the problem and then determine the length of the services.

Why can't I use my dog (or another breed?)

We only use working Border Collies because it is the only dog breed among other herding dogs that use a wolf-like glance called the “eye". This intense stare influences the flock into flight or movement. The geese perceive this stalking manner as predatory behavior and threatening. But actually, the geese are never touched and are perfectly safe. In fact, all other dogs are perceived as a nuisance or just not predatory.

Do you harass the goslings (baby geese)?

No, we don't really harass the goslings. We harass their parents. USDA Wildlife Service and US Fish and Wildlife approve our harassment techniques. Our techniques are also endorsed by both the Humane Society and PETA (People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Where do the geese flock to after being harassed from my site?

The geese flock somewhere where they are no longer going to be bothered and feel safe. Geese don't like to move repeatedly so they will find a new location where they will not be harassed and stay there.


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